ABD Results At Parkside #3

Congrats to the ABD'ers who enjoyed some sunshine and tough racing at the final Parskide Spring Crit!

Jessi Prinner won and Sue Semaszczuk finished 5th in the women's 4 race, with teammate Gina Kenny rolling in safely with the pack.

Bill Kallas and Jan Wierzbicki both finished top 5 the men's 60+.

Pat Murphy swept his field for the win!

Some strong pack finishes were Steve Middaugh in the 40+, Don Jones, Pat Murphy, and Ken Fry in the 50+.

Scott and Alex Bowden, Paul Zelewsky, Brain Hildreth, Tim Keeley and Ben Demong braved the cat 4s and set up for new ABD’er Ryan Cooper for a 4th place in the sprint!

Congrats to Mike Redlich Jr. who made the podium and finished 3rd in the Junior Men's 10-12!

Last, but not least, in the cat. 1/2's Ebert took 2nd, Rob Jungles took 7th and Alex Sharon worked his bum off to help his teammates and ended with a strong pack finish.

Thanks to Crashzalot for this race report!


ABD Monday Night Rides!

Although it's still March, daylight savings time has kicked in, and outdoor racing is officially under way. If anyone is interested in joining in on the ABD Monday night recovery ride, Terry & Jenny Cerwin are ready to start them off this year!

The ride departs from Prairie Path Cycles at 6:15 since it still gets dark early, and will move to 6:30 PM in mid-April.

For those new to the club, the recovery ride is about 23 miles with a MAX MPH of 18. No lactic buildup allowed. Helmets are required. Any ride cancellations due to weather will be posted to www.ABDcycling.com on Monday afternoons.


Perfect Training AND Weather @ Forest City Velodrome

ABD'er Pat Murphy has a tip for any riders looking to gain a leg up on the competition with some great early season speed-work — minus the cold weather and need for your own motorpace vehicle.

No climate's as perfect as the completely controlled one at the Forest City Velodrome, a beautiful indoor track that's open 6 days a week and has structured workouts scheduled 5 days a week (Fridays off).

Located on just the other side of Detroit, the Forest City Velodrome is a great training destination for any road or track rider.

Final Thursday Night Workout Pics

Be sure to check out the photos from Rich "the Sarge" Mstowski's final Thursday night workout of 2007! (ABDcycling.com > Home > Photos) Rich cooked up a special 90-minute suffer-fest for all those who dared to attend.

Thanks to the Winfield Middle School for hosting the event, to the Cerwin's for running "CycleOps Delivery", to all the riders who came out and pushed each other and most importantly, to the Sarge for another round of great Winter workouts.