School's Out ... and ABD Jr's ramp it up!

School is out and ABD's Junior riders are off to a blazing start. After recent podium finishes at the ABR National Championship by Jessi Prinner, Savannah Underwood, Konrad Witt, MJ Redlich and Graham Clark, the riders continued their winning ways at the Wheaton Criterium and Junior Track Championships at Northbrook.

Konrad Witt and MJ Redlich stormed to a 1-2 finish in Wheaton, and later in the day Jessi Prinner decided to do the same as she and teammate Susan Peithman lapped all but one rider in the Women's Open race - just one day after turning the screws to the Junior Men at the velodrome in Northbrook!

Next up, the ABD MaJORS event, where riders will race to bring home a prize for Dad!


Riding at the Morton Arboretum

A bit of interesting information from former ABD'er Pete Hill:

"I don't know if you have heard this, but the Morton Arboretum has
opened their roads (7 miles) to bikes when ever they are open. The
only time bikes were allowed to ride in the past was on Fri nights
and Sat mornings, for members only. They would shut down half the
roads to bikes only at this time. Friday nights and Sat mornings
are still part of the bike plan, but now open to everyone. The
Morton Arboretum under the new leadership has become very bike
friendly; I'm thinking time trial in about 2 years!"

- Pete

Liz Omen goes Pro - Discounts for ABD'ers!

Liz Omen, who's now traveling as a massage therapist with the Men's Elite Team, has started working in Elmhurst doing massages at the Body and Soul Spa Retreat on Mondays and Wednesdays. She's offering all ABD club members a discount on her services. There are still a few opening for this coming Monday, June 11th. 

For more information give her a call or email lizoehmen@yahoo.com

Body & Soul Spa Retreat
381 N. York Road, Suite 1 & 2
Elmhurst, IL 60126
cell: 773-484-8969


Winfield Criterium Weekend Warriors

Thanks to everyone who helped make this event happen. I would dare to say that this was the best Winfield Criterium Weekend yet! It was certainly a year to remember:

- We had our most riders ever with 200 riders on Saturday and 400 on Sunday!

- We had our first dose of rain at the criterium weekend, and the volunteer crew was totally prepared.

- After our initial 6-year drought, the Elite Men not only pulled off a repeat but went two for two: thanks to Jeff and Josh for two exciting "W's" (of course, made possible from all-around strong team efforts)

- We had no less than four national champions yesterday: Konrad Witt in the Boys 10-12
Savannah Underwood in the Girls 13-14
Jessi Prinner in the Girls 15-16
Josh Carter in the Men's 1/2

- On a sad note, this was our last event (for a while at least) with Dave and Nancy LaRue around. They will be moving to England on Thursday for an indefinite amount of time and will be sorely missed. Best of luck, Dave & Nancy!

- Last but not least, a totally new date meant we conflicted with a lot of other things and had to run with a smaller staff, but so many people stepped up and almost literally pulled dawn to dusk shifts: The Witt family, the Cerwin/Prinner gang, Dan & Pat Tillotson, the Ozguc's, the Stewart family (with Tim on the results until midnight!), the Redlich family, the LaRue's, Vicki, Mom (Mary Lee), Dad (Greg), Farrell, Scott Ligocki, Jimmy C., Mark Y., Paul Z, Robert Fortelka, the Hempe's, "the kid" Ryan Baumann, "the voice" Todd Busteed, my "medical attendant/assistant/minion" Jeff Hansen and my Main Street counterpart: Gary Gall.

... and to everyone else that worked a corner, made rounds on the course, helped set-up, or just jumped in wherever needed: Keith B, Mike Maravilla, the Billingsley's, Dave & Sherri, Dan Reilly, Ben App, Irene Pang, Sue S., Kevin Kelly, Jim Lund, Bill Michaux, Mel Macasu, the Grotto family, Rob Hawco, James Sneddon, Gary Rulo, Coop (Ryan), Jim Flechsig, the Elite Team guys and their families, Ken Fry, Chris Karsten, Brandon Skweres, the Bowden family, Jay Corgiat, Brian McRae, Bill Kallas, Dave Trotter, Sue and Steve Gage, Leitha Walling, Cathy Webb, the Glinka family, Dave and Graham Clark, my little brother Sean and my Dad Ray for hosting the party!

I had a lot of fun this weekend and am very proud of what we all accomplished together.

Hopefully, I'll see you all at the pancake breakfast on Saturday! -Ebert