ABD's Wednesday Night Training Crits Start Tonight!

The ABD Cycle Club kicks off a series of Training Criteriums at the "Pelladrome" in West Chicago, Illinois tonight. The course is a .8 mile loop on smooth pavement just off of Fabyan Parkway and was used for a stage of the 2009 Fall Fling. Full details at www.ABDcycling.com

These are strictly training races in that we want everyone to focus on getting a great workout and being safe- results are secondary. We will allow lapped riders to jump back in the race and we're only picking the top 5 finishers by sight. [This would be the low-tech counterpart to our live TT results at the JFMTT.] We are also going to be mixing up the events with some track-style races to keep it interesting out there.

We'll start off our first night with a 15 minute beginner/warm-up race at 6:15. This race is for TRUE newbies and we ask that any advanced riders (Category 1-4) that would like to use it as a warm-up to do it solely as pack filler. Go the same speed as the pack and sit-in so that the new riders get used to racing in a field. Advanced riders are not permitted to attack or go with breakaway riders- however they can pace dropped riders back up to the field.

After the warm-up race the official "A" (category 1-3) and "B" (category 4-5) races get started at 6:30 for a 25 minute straight-up race. We still start the A riders first and 20 seconds later start the B riders (the number series will be different so you know who you're racing against).

We will keep track of lapped riders and dropped riders. As mentioned, if you get dropped you can roll around to the pit and jump back in after we've written down your number.


The 25 minute race will conclude with a 3-lap countdown around 7 p.m. After that race is over we will have a brief 10-minute rest.

The final event of the evening starts around 7:15 and will be an all category points race with sprints every 5 laps for points (4-deep: 5,3,2,1). We'll race until it's too dark and the rider with the most points when it's called wins (like an unknown distance points race). We expect the first night to last 20 to 30 minutes and get longer as the series goes on. Points race rules apply in that if there is a breakaway then those riders are the leaders and get max points, but as soon as they catch the largest group on the road then whatever chase group was behind them becomes the leaders.

Again, ALL SOLO RIDERS WHO HAVE BEEN DROPPED MUST YIELD TO LARGER GROUPS AND REPORT BACK TO THE PIT. There are going to be sprints every 5 laps and if you are out there by yourself after being dropped we may hold you in the pit until after the sprint. This is entirely for everyone's safety.

Any questions? Ask 'em tonight and we'll make up an answer for you.

6:15 Beginner’s Race (Category 1 through 4 riders warm-up)
6:30 25 minute Scratch race (straight-up race. "A" and "B" groups)
7:15 Points race, all categories.


Monday Night Recovery Rides Return May 3rd

The ABD Monday Night Recovery Rides from Prairie Path Cycles-Winfield will officially be starting on 5/3/2010 @ 6:15 pm. After Memorial Day the rides will start @ 6:30 pm.

If it’s raining or there is a chance of rain the ride will be cancelled and a notice will be broadcast immediately at http://twitter.com/ABDCycling and http://www.facebook.com/abdcycling

Below are some of the guide lines that we ALL need to follow for this ride to be successful. These rules are for everyone’s safety- always remember that when you are wearing the ABD colors you are representing not only ABD but also Prairie Path Cycles. Lets show the rest of the world what cyclists are all about !

(One more thing, if when riding the pack gets wider than 2 riders the local police can hand out tickets, just ask a single cyclist from the Elmhurst Bike Club who was riding on Butterfield road in Oakbrook Terrace that received a $75.00 traffic ticket for “impeding traffic”.)

The following is to be observed on all Monday Night Rides and will be repeated in some form by the designated ride leader(s) before we roll out.
- The Monday ride is held as a casual, social and safe ride for riders to fine tune their pack riding skills and/or recover from a tough weekend of racing.
- If you are not comfortable riding side by side in approximately ONE-HALF LANE OF THE ROAD AT a 16 mph to 18 mph PACE (a little slower on the uphills/a little faster on the downhills), then please practice sitting on the back in a single file line until you are ready.
- Any riders found drifting too far towards the yellow line or not respecting pace/speed restrictions will be asked to go to the back. Don’t take it personally, it’s just the rule.

Last but not least, competitiveness has no place on a “social spin” such as the Monday Night ride. If you are looking to get a workout or challenge other riders, please look elsewhere.


Ken Glinka
ABD Cycling Team


Official Leland Results- Huge Props to the ABD'ers who tackled it!

While some ABD'ers were working on their base miles in Bloomington, others were turning pedals in anger over the gravel roads of the Leland Kermesse, a quickly growing classic. Here's the link to the officials results  and a big congrats to the ABD'ers out there - http://www.usacycling.org/results/?permit=2010-516

Gary Anderson and Steve Lockwood mixed it up and finished(!) in the Men's 5 and Men's 40+ races on a day when many riders didn't. 

Adam Leibman finished top 25 in a Men's 1/2/3 race that saw over half the field drop out.

Konrad Witt  took 5th place in the Junior Men's race!

Verizon u25 p/b ABD riders Ryan Freund and John Meyers attacked 1.5 miles into a 77 mile race to power away to a one-two finish in the Men's 1/2/3 race.

Great job, everyone!


JFMTT Pre-Reg Closes Sunday Night; Live Results Postings; Wed Night Crits!

The John Fraser Memorial Time Trial, a 10 mile outdoor Time Trial and the final round of the 2010 ABD Cycle Club Indoor Time Trial Series, is next Sunday, April 11th in Maple Park, IL! 

Pre-registration for the event closes this Sunday night (April 4) at midnight! So far over 240 riders have registered and start times for pre-registered riders will be posted at www.ABDcycling.com no later than Wednesday morning. The first rider will be off at 8:01 a.m. and on-site registration opens at 6:45 a.m.

LIVE RESULTS POSTING! Que up those smartphones folks- you're result will be available IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOUR FINISH at www.ABDcycling.com and displayed on a monitor back at registration. Thanks to our support of the Verizon u25 Team p/b ABD (www.verizoncyclingteam.com), we'll be using a Verizon netbook and MiFi devices for a live posting of results. Log into ABDcycling.com the morning of the event to check your result back at the car or if you're not able to join us you can follow along at home!

IMPORTANT PARKING INFORMATION: We are asking that all riders park along DeKalb street off County Line Road (across the field south of registration) or in one of the few spots at the civic center. THERE IS NO RIDER PARKING NORTH OF THE CIVIC CENTER- in front of any houses, in the downtown area, or in the neighborhood around the start/finish area. Please understand that when 200 people descend on a small town at 6:30 in the morning on a Sunday that we cannot risk upsetting our hosts. A parking map will be available at www.ABDcycling.com in the next few days.

And here's a few other spicy announcements that we'll be posting more details about soon: 
- Better set-up the TiVo for American Idol and CSI- ABD is hosting Wednesday Night Training Races at the "Pelladrome" on April 28, May 5, May 12 and May 19!
- The Memorial Day Masters Weekend returns with the popular circuit race course! May 29, 30 & 31 we'll be hosting three days of racing for Men & Women 30 and older with over $5000 in prize money!

ABD Cycling is proud to have the support of:
Prairie Path Cycles - www.prairiepathcycles.com
Trek Bicycles - www.trekbikes.com
Serfas Components - www.serfas.com
Verizon Wireless - www.verizon.com
Bontrager - www.bontrager.com
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