Prinner Takes National TT Title!

The official results are in and ABD's own Jessi Prinner won today's
Women 17-18 National Time Trial Championship! She posted a 40:43 over
the 24km course with a winning margin of 55 seconds over second place.


This is ABD's second USA Cycling National title this year after Tom
Weil's victory in the road race at Masters Nationals in June.


New Events on the Calendar! TT on Aug. 22 and RR on Sept. 6

New ABR event in IL

8/22 ABR Regional Time Trial Championship, Garden Prairie, IL, 30km out and back course on country roads, Championship Title to ABR Annual members from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.  abrlund@aol.com 708-532-7204

New ABR event in Lower WI.

9/06 Delavan Road Race, includes the ABR Masters National Championship Road Race, Delavan, WI, Wisconsin Bicycle Racing, Carl Wilkins 262-654-6773 cewbike@tds.net details coming soon.


ABD Mid-Season Results Update

2009 is shaping up as a memorable season for ABD as team stalwarts MJ Redlich, Konrad Witt, Jessi Prinner, Marilyn Powell, Jim Flechsig, Gary Rulo, Bill Kallas, Rob Jungels, Josh Carter & Jeff Schroetlin continue to stack up the results, but it’s also been a year for some new faces like Adam Leibman, Jared Seivert, Dan Madsen, Curtis Bice and Ryan Freund all consistently placing this season.

We also need to give one more big shout out to ABD “rookie” Tom Weil for bringing home the USAC National Championship in the Men’s 65-69 age group.

Following are some more ABD highlights from the last month. Keep up the good work team!

International Cycling Classic - 7/0 - 7/26
Despite stiff competition, the ICC (aka “Superweek”), is still proving to be one of the country’s top series with a stacked international field!
Adam Leibman finished 3rd @ Evanston and 2nd @ Bensenville in the Men’s 4/5
Jared Seivert finished 9th @ Elgin in the Men’s 4/5
Josh Carter took the win in Blue Island, 9th @ Elgin, 9th @ Richton Park, 6th @ Bensenville and another 6th @ Shorewood. He’s still sitting 9th overall
Ryan Freund finished 3rd @ Arlington Heights and made the winning break at Evanston only to dig a little too deep.
Other ABD’ers that have been duking it out at the Superweek races include Paul Zelewsky, Ben DeMong, Sue Semaszczuk

Tour De Champaign - 7/11 & 7/12
Jeff Schroetlin finished 3rd on Saturday and took the win on Sunday!
Marilyn Powell finished 4th in the Women’s Cat 1-3 on Saturday
Sue Semaszczuk took 5th in the Women’s 3/4 on Sunday

ABR Illinois State Championship - 7/5
Jeff Schroetlin won the Men’s 1/2 and 30+ state titles
Jessi Prinner won the Women’s Open
Kim Gialdini won the Women’s Cat 4
Marilyn Powell won the Women’s 50+ title
Michael Wilkie is the state champion in the Men’s 17-18
Pat Murphy won the Men’s 75+
John Dunne finished 3rd in the Category 5/Beginner
Bill Kallas was 2nd in the Men’s 60+
Fred Yoder finished 2nd in the Men’s 65+
Konrad Witt and MJ Redlich finished 3rd & 4th, respectively in the Men’s 13-15
James Sneddon finished 3rd in the Men’s Category 3 race

Proctor Cycling Classic - USAC Illinois State Championship - 6/28
Jeff Schroetlin tooks the Men 1/2 title with teammate Carter finishing in 4th
The Double/Double Punch!! Konrad Witt & Joshua Crane finished 1-2 in Junior Men 10-14 age category with Dani Witt & Kayle Crane repeating the feat in the Women’s 10-14
Marilyn Powell is the 2009 Women’s 45+ Champ!

Team Apache 20k TT - 6/27
Dan Madsen smoked the Mens’ 55+ category for the win
Curtis Bice finished 2nd in the Men’s 3
Zelewsky was 5th in the Men’s 4
MJ Redlich finished 2nd in the Junior Men
Rob Jungels finished 2nd in the Men’s 30+

2009 Overall Series Results Standings as of 7/22/09

R.O.T.Y. Standings
Rob Jungels sits in 2nd in Men’s 1/2 & Men’s 30+. Teammate Rich Mstowski is in 6th in the 30+ category
Jessi Prinner is 3rd & Semaszczuk in 5th in the Women 1/2
James Sneddon is 3rd & Curtis Bice in 5th in Men’s 3
Jim Flechsig leads Men’s Cat 4 with Zelewsky in 10th
Gina Kenny sits 3rd in the Women’s 4 with Kim Gialdini in 6th.
MJ Redlich, Konrad Witt and Mike Wilkie sit 1st, 3rd & 5th in the Junior Men’s standings
Gary Rulo in 2nd in the Men’s 50+ & Bob Marshall is in 10th
Marilyn Powell leads the Women 50+
Dan Madsen is in 2nd in the Men’s 55+
Bill Kallas leads the Men 60+

MATTS Standings
Jungels in 2nd Overall in Men’s 1/2
Prinner in 3rd in the Women Open
Curtis Bice in 4th & James Sneddon in 5th in the Men’s Category 3
Flechsig leads the Men’s 4 field w/ teammate Zelewsky in 5th.
Kim Gialdini sits 3rd overall in the Women’s 4
MJ Redlich in 2nd, Konrad in 3rd & Wilkie in 5th in the Junior Men
Jungels 4th & Mstowski 5th in the Men’s 30+
Rulo in 5th & Marshall in 8th in the Masters 50+
Dan Madsen leads the overall in the Men’s 55+
Tom Egan still sits in 3rd and Kallas in 5th in the Men’s 60+

TOI/W Standings
Josh Carter in 2nd and Jungles in 6th in the Men 1/2/3
Semaszczuk in 3rd in the Women Open
Sneddon in 6th in the Men’s 3
Mike Vail in 3rd in the Men’s 4 with teammate Leibman in 8th
Gina Kenny is in 2nd in the Women’s 4
Konrad Witt is 2nd overall in the Junior Men with Mike Wilkie in 7th
Jungels sits in 5th in the Men’s 30+
Gary Rulo is in 3rd in the Men’s 50+ category
Marilyn Powell leads the Women’s 50+
Dan Madsen is in 7th in the Men’s 55-59
Bill Kallas leads the Men’s 60+ with Tom Weil in 3rd.

Special Note: ABD Alumni Reid Mumford & Bryce Mead showed up to the Wolfgang Freitag Two-Person TT to absolutely smoke the course with a time of 1:03:23.04!

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Daily Herald Story on Jessi Prinner

The local papers are picking up Jessi’s great story!

South Elgin high schooler taking her bike overseas

Prinner Report: San Jose Training Camp

Jessi Prinner has an update at her blog about heading to the US National Team Training Camp in San Jose:
San Jose, CA


Ride to send Jessi to Russia!

Please join us for a fun(d) ride to send Chicagoland’s own Jessi Prinner to the World Championships in Russia!
Jessi was selected as one of only three junior women to represent the United States in August at the UCI Junior World Championships in Moscow!

ABD & Prairie Path Cycles-Batavia will be hosting a fundraiser rider on Wednesday, July 22nd @ 6:15 p.m. to raise money to help Jessi with her expenses!

The ride will have three options:
1) 40 mile ride led by Jessi and her coach, Mike Farrell
As you can guess, this will be a fast ride!

2) 20 mile Moderately Paced Ride through Fermilab 
16-18 mph lead by PPC-Batavia Co-owner Joe Lafontaine
(~the pace of the Monday night recovery ride)

3) 10 mile family ride along the Fox River Trail Bike Path
A comfortable pace taking in the sights and sounds of the Fox River.
Led by PPC employee Erin Silk.

There will be a pasta dinner ready for all participants after the ride so you'll have an opportunity to wish Jessi luck.

We recommend a donation of $1.00 per mile, but encourage you to gather outside sponsors. Prizes awarded to the riders who raises the most sponsorship.

A pledge form is available for download here if you'd like to use it to help raise funds. Donations can also be made via PayPal to abdcycling@gmail.com

Please RSVP to prairiepathcycles@gmail.com so I know how much pasta to make. 

Mary Lee

Notes from the Coach's Corner on Superweek's Eve

        Summer is in full swing and Luke over at ChicagoBikeRacing.com has put it best: racing is "hot and heavy" from now through August. (It even started heating up at ToAD a few weeks ago.) I strongly recommend Luke's write-up previewing some of the Superweek courses and want to provide a few suggestions about how to physically and mentally approach the next two months of racing. All of the upcoming races are challenging events that many riders have prioritized as "A races". The racing will be aggressive and require your complete attention.
        When racing every weekend—or every day—from now through August, recovery is one of the most important training components. If you aren't physically AND mentally ready for every race you can dig yourself into a hole that each subsequent race will only dig deeper and deeper. It's imperative to listen to your body and do whatever you need to in order to be 100% ready each time you line up to race. Sleep and diet are the two most important factors in achieving the goal of being 100% physically prepared—followed by a proper warm-up and cool-down. 
        Your body will tell you when it's time for bed and you should listen to it. Don't wait until one more show is over, until after you catch up on your internet headlines, do not pass go and wait to collect $200. Just hit the sack. Make use of that couch in the employee break room too. Don't be afraid to treat yourself to a 10- or 20-minute power nap in the afternoon.  
        It's also important to eat when your body says it's time. Stick to your regular meal schedule, but be sure to stay hydrated and have light snacks on hand: whole grains, fruits, a handful of almonds, etc. It's surprising how satisfying the small snacks can be. Your mind might think you need more, but wait 10 or 15 minutes after a snack to see if you're still hungry. Your pre-race diet should also be as consistent as possible, especially if you're racing every day. If you know what works for you then stick to it even if it does get a bit boring. 
        Routine is also important when it comes to your warm-up and cool-down. When racing every day you don't need a long, extended warm-up, but you should still spin the legs out and do a couple of jumps to get your heart rate up. After your race a light spin is important to help reduce the build-up of lactic acid in your legs, and it’s a good time to review the race in your head and think about what you did right and what you can build on.
        Staying "mentally" recovered when constantly racing begins with being prepared before the events. Decide what your goals are for each specific event based on the the race and your training up to it. Set realistic, attainable goals. If you're races are on wide, flat courses and only 35 minutes long you could be setting yourself up for disappointment if you plan to get into a monster breakaway like we see on the Tour every morning— and especially if you've done nothing but sprints every day for the past two months. Set realistic goals, but be sure to challenge yourself too. The ABD Elite team riders pick goals like sprint points, winning a prime, getting the highest possible finish, or making a breakaway. Even the smallest goals can be used to build into something bigger: an overall series result, building fitness for the National Criterium Championship or just making enough money to take your teammates out to dinner!
        Preparing mentally for a race also includes knowing as many concrete details about each event as possible and anticipating the variable ones:

Example of Concrete Details:
- Directions to the race course
- Start Time
- Course description (Google Earth or Google Maps can be a huge help)
- Is your equipment ready?
- Did you pack everything you need? 

Example of Variable Details:
- Weather & Wind direction
- Who will be your competition?
- What are the hard sections of the course?
- How do these different variables affect your race strategy?

If you're comfortable answering those questions ahead of the race then you will be that much more relaxed on the start line.
        Speaking of the start line, I'll close with one other piece of advice— stay in the front. Be prepared to line up a few minutes early if that's what it takes to get up there and stay up there. The next couple of months feature some extremely tight courses and plenty of aggressive racing. If you want to be "in" the race then staying around the the top 20 is crucial. Not only are you able to anticipate what's happening in the race ahead and react to the other riders, but it's physically easier to be up near the front then at the back. If you're in the back half of the field all you can do is react to what is happening 5 to 10 seconds in front of you. You're literally "chasing" the whole time. Up in the front guys are drilling it but also getting a chance to recover before their next big effort. A good goal for your first couple of races out could be to just stay between 10th and 20th all day to watch what's happening in the race in front of you. This way you can learn the courses and learn your competitors so that you'll be that much more prepared for the next round.

Good luck, everybody!


Jessi Prinner Makes the Junior World Championship Team!

Hello Team,

As most of you know, last May I travelled to Nashville, TN, to compete in the Junior World Championship Trials in an attempt to make the Junior National Team for the 2009 World Championships.  Even though I came close, I did not manage to win either the TT or the road race to earn an automatic qualification, so I had to wait until July to hear who would get to fill the final spot on the USA Team Roster. 

It's been a long, hard journey for the past five years I have been racing, but it wouldn't have been made possible without the help of such a supportive team.  From the endless tips to loaned equiptment (Rob Jungles), I've never felt unprepared for any National event (or local for that matter). ABD has never let me down and I have made just too many friends to want to go anywhere else.  With that said I'm happy to announce two days ago I was informed that I had made the 2009 Junior National Team, and willl leave for Moscow, Russia on August 2nd.  The time trial will be held on the 7th and the road race on the 9th. 

As I was told by the Junior Endurance Manager, Ben Sharp, it's important to keep in mind that making the World's team isn't the final goal, but instead to always strive to reach higher levels and represent the US well in international competition. 
And represent ABD, of course!

Wednesday Night Ride—CANCELLED

Unfortunately tonight's ride from PPC Batavia has been cancelled due
to the rain.