Winfield Criterium Weekend Wrap: Results and Photos Are Posted; Fall Fling and Sunrise Park Cross Dates!

And that's a wrap! A huge thank you to the 400+ riders that joined us this past weekend for the 12th Annual Weekend, and to the sponsors, volunteers, officials and Winfield residents that made it happen. Results and photos are posted at www.ABDcycling.com

Props to the riders that braved the threat of weather on Saturday and major props to the Category 2/3 riders that finished in a hailstorm! This year's "King & Queen of the Hill" party was wild as ever and Winfield resident Tim Allen raised over $500 in cash plus prizes for the various categories. The Saturday Winners included:

- David Pratt, Bicycle Heaven [Beginner/Cat 5]
- Gareth Reeves, EMC2 [Men 4]
- Tim Speciale, Psimet [Men 3]
- Andy Kerr, Bicycle Heaven [Men 50/55]
- Jeannie Kuhajek, ABD [Women Open]
- Ryan Freund, ABD [M/I Homes "Move Up" Men 1/2 ]

On Sunday we had clear skies, fast fields and crowned the 2011 ABR National Crit Champs. All of the podium pics are up at the website and a congratulations to our winners:

- Thomas Lobdell, Scarletfire [Men 60+]
- Michael Ozment, Mack [Men 65+]
- Robert Burns, Mack [Men 70+]
- Gerald Beam, ABD [Men 75+]
- Cathy Edgar [Women 4]
- Sue Semaszczuk, Bellum Racing [Women 30]
- Amber Gideon, ABD [Women 40]
- Marilyn Powell, Project 5 [Women 50]
- Kathleen Corbett, Midwest Masters [Women 60]
- Patricia Beam, ABD [Women 70]
- Sean McCarthy, South Chicago Wheelmen [Men 10-12]
- Sam Beste, Nova Cycling/ISCorp [Men 13-14]
- Konrad Witt, ABD [Men 15-16]
- Nathan Labecki, IS Corp [Men 17-18]
- Emilia Field, IS Corp [Women 10-12]
- Gina Johnson, Village Verdigris [Women 13-14]
- Shelby Kron, Team Mack [Women 15-16]
- Kris Wiater, Plus Cycling [Athletes By Design Men 40+ 4]
- David Pratt, Bicycle Heaven [Beginner Men 5 <40]
- Greg Gale, ABD [Beginner Men 5 40+]
- Jessi Prinner, ABD [OAD Orthopaedics Women 1/2/3]
- John Fleckenstein, Mack [Men 50+]
- Fabio Orlandi, PYOC [Men 55+]
- Fernando Barraza, On The Route [Winfield Community Bank Men 4]
- Keith McMahon, VanWagner [Prairie Path Cycles Men 30+]
- Gene Tolli, Enzo-PZIMET [Men 40+]
- Nathan Labecki, IS Corp [Men 3]
- Bryan McVey, ABD [Central DuPage Hospital Men 1/2]

Thank you again riders! Our final road event of the year, the 2011 Fall Fling is scheduled for September 24-25 & October 1-2 (stay tuned for details), and the Sunrise Park Cross event will be held on October 23rd.


Pre-Registration for the Winfield Criterium Closes Tonight!

The 2011 Winfield Criterium Weekend returns for its 12th run this Saturday and Sunday- featuring over $8500 in cash prizes plus merchandise prizes and primes. Find out the full details and registration link at www.ABDcycling.com

We have racing for all ages and abilities and both courses feature their own unique, challenging climbs. Saturday is a long drag to the top of the course with a fast, twisty run to the finish and Sunday features a steep kicker followed by a quick drop and then a long, smooth run to the finish that's foiled many an ill-timed sprint.

Saturday night also features the return of the "King of the Hill" Prizes and Primes and this year Winfield resident Tim Allen is stepping it up even more! There will also be the FREE Kids' "Parade of Bikes" at 5:30 and live music immediately following the 1/2 race.

On Sunday we've condensed the schedule a bit but kept all the same prize money- and for the first time ever the Cat 3's will have a shot at the ABR National Championship jersey and will be racing 40 miles with 1/2's. The always popular Kid's Races are at 1:10 p.m. - right before the Men's 4 event.

Again, the pre-registration deal closes tonight- but online registration will remain open through Wednesday and on-site registration is also available.

Up for the challenge? Ready to use all that summer fitness you gained? We hope to see you there! And if any teams want to set up tents we invite you to do so— just shoot an e-mail to abdcycling-at-gmail.com for details.


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Many thanks from the whole team to ABD members for all the cheers, time checks, and awesome support.


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