And the Results Are In!

We apologize for the delay. As you know we do our best to put on a great race but just like any organization we try to save money where we can and when we found these great tabulation machines on Ebay so we thought results would be easy-peasy. Well as it turns out, they were from Florida and sure enough, we found some hanging chads!!

A huge CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Tower Racing for pulling off the big come-from-behind win to take the 2011 Fall Fling Overall Team Prize!

It looked like Bicycle Heaven had it all locked up in the final race and they were even proclaimed the winner (which we apologize for) but the results crew ten-times checked the standings and the Bike Heaven guys even sent over their hanging-chad specialists to confirm everything- and it was off the strength of Terry O'Grady's sweep of the AM40+ Cat 4/5 mass-start races that Tower won by a margin of just 4 points over Bicycle Heaven!

Congratulations again to Tower and thanks to Bike Heaven for not blowing their big check in one night!

Full results are posted at www.ABDcycling.com

 This was the first year we moved to the team format and we'll make a few
 tweaks for the future (including adding a prize for the winner of each
 category), but we really enjoyed it and would love to hear what you think.
 You can reply to this e-mail or drop us a comment on our FaceBook page at

 A special thanks to all of the ABD volunteers who helped make this happen
 and are deep in preparation for our Cyclocross race on October 23rd. Full
 details on that event are available at www.ChiCrossCup.com

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